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0000865GT-MP ClientStabilitypublic2018-01-10 16:01
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Summary0000865: [0.1.7] reviveLocalPlayer and disconnecting
DescriptionIf you use API.reviveLocalPlayer(false) inside onPlayerDeath, they won't be revived. (This part works as intended, 10/10)

The problem is, since they are never revived, they stay dead even after they disconnect & join another server/rejoin the same server.

Steps To Reproduce- Join test server that has disable reviving script
- Die
- Disconnect
- Join another server or reconnect
- Your character will just collapse
Additional InformationDisable reviving script(clientside):

API.onPlayerDeath.connect(function(killer, weapon) {



2018-01-10 16:01

administrator   ~0001276

Fixed thanks

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