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0000745GT-MP ServerAPIpublic2018-01-07 12:08
ReporterLe ShredAssigned Toroot 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
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Target VersionFixed in Version0.1.7 
Summary0000745: Impossible to use Vehicle as key of Dictionary and List
DescriptionIf you set a Vehicle as key of a Disctionary, Dictionary.ContainsKey(Vehicle) will always return false.
Same behavior with List.Contains(Vehicle)
Steps To ReproduceSimply create a vehicle, go indide and launch /testvehicle command

        public void TestVehiclesCommand(Client sender)
            List<Vehicle> list = new List<Vehicle>();
            Dictionary<Vehicle, object> dictionary = new Dictionary<Vehicle, object>();
            dictionary.Add(sender.vehicle, null);
            bool result = list.Contains(sender.vehicle);
            sender.sendChatMessage("List contains vehicle: " + result);
            result = dictionary.ContainsKey(sender.vehicle);
            sender.sendChatMessage("Dictionary contains vehicle: " + result);
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2017-11-05 17:20

developer   ~0001031

Fixed in the next update.
For now use the nethandle (vehicle.handle) as a dictonary key or list index, that should work

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