0000868: [API] Pressing F7 twice shows the radar, even though it is disabled (root)
0000809: [API] Add API for help-texts in the top left corner (root)
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0000908: [API] Function to set Blip visible on the minimap. (Hardy)
0000899: [Stability] [0.1.7] getLocalPlayerAimingAtEntity error (root)
0000826: [API] [0.1.701] API.getStreamedVehicles(); = undefined (Hardy)
0000751: [API] None seat when entering as driver (onPlayerEnterVehicle) (DurtyFree)
0000307: [API] CEF Draw State (root)
0000071: [Client] Menü wird nicht angezeigt (DurtyFree)
0000639: [API] Audio Natives not whitelisted (DurtyFree)
0000664: [Stability] GT-MP hangs (DurtyFree)
0000668: [API] UIMenu crash (root)
0000676: [API] UIMenu crash (root)
0000687: [Stability] GT-MP Scripting problem when disconnecting (DurtyFree)
0000691: [Synchronization] Rear seats of the PRanger (DurtyFree)
0000692: [API] Gamecrash when kicking player during CEF initialization (DurtyFree)
0000703: [API] DownloadData: LoadingPrompt doesn't disappear after 100% (root)
0000720: [API] API.consoleOutput add Exception parameter to add better exception printing (root)
0000738: [API] API.onKeyDown and API.onKeyUp behaviors diffrents with Escape key (DurtyFree)
0000744: [API] setWaypoint doesn't update the pause menu map (DurtyFree)
0000752: [API] Add option to position TextTimerBars (root)
0000761: [API] CEF: Add API call to disable browser-security (DurtyFree)
0000766: [Stability] Crash when I start running fast (Hardy)
0000782: [API] API.setPlayerWeather; disconnects the player from the server - even though the weatherId is valid. (DurtyFree)
0000785: [API] Whitelist text lib (DurtyFree)
0000786: [Performance] bug of perfomance and fps (DurtyFree)
0000788: [API] [0.1.7] - SetTimecycleModifier don't reset after disconnect (DurtyFree)
0000790: [API] Camera depth of field wrappers (DurtyFree)
0000794: [API] [0.1.70] Discord Error 4000 SPAM (DurtyFree)
0000825: [Performance] [0.1.701] Zufällig bleibt man im Spiel hängen (DurtyFree)
0000575: [Stability] Aborting connection to server opens game main menu (root)
0000114: [General] Typscript Definitions for UIMenuListItem (root)
0000651: [API] player.customScripts (root)
0000654: [Stability] Keyboard language (root)
0000669: [General] Kein Joinen mehr möglich (root)
0000679: [API] SetPlayerEyebrows change color ID (DurtyFree)
0000690: [Synchronization] Rear seats of BType and BType3 (DurtyFree)
0000698: [API] timer doesn't stop on resource start (root)
0000199: [API] Mouse buttons aren't recognize by API.onKeyDown/Up (root)
0000472: [Stability] Cef Browser: Behandlet clicks wenn headless (root)
0000730: [API] API.setPlayerComponentVariation crash (root)
0000780: [API] [0.1.7] Discord "Playing GTA" is not reseting (DurtyFree)
0000536: [API] onPlayerEnterVehicle's targetSeat is wrong in client (DurtyFree)
0000798: [Stability] [0.1.7] Connection overview (UI) disappears (DurtyFree)
0000818: [API] Player die -> timebug (DurtyFree)
0000829: [Performance] [0.1.7] Short freeze when joining a server (DurtyFree)
0000510: [Stability] [0.1.6] Marker auf Map wird falsch gesetzt (root)
0000532: [Synchronization] Sync. Fehler bei Fahrzeugen (DurtyFree)
0000841: [Stability] [0.1.7] Quick connect crash (DurtyFree)
0000356: [Synchronization] Motorcycles sounds are not syncronized with the passenger (DurtyFree)
0000134: [Client] Main Menu Bug after Connect a Server with Password from Server List (DurtyFree)
0000647: [Synchronization] Fuel Sync / Vehicle State (DurtyFree)
0000653: [API] Function to get all world objects by a specific hash (DurtyFree)
0000844: [Stability] [0.1.7] Open Menu won't be closed after server was ungracefully stopped (DurtyFree)
0000146: [API] OnPlayerDeath should become a spawn parameter (DurtyFree)
0000642: [Stability] When you are playing on a server randomy, you get thrown into singleplayer/chat dissapears and the singleplayer menu appears (DurtyFree)
0000833: [Synchronization] [0.1.7] Broken isEntityAttachedToAnything on local player (root)
0000552: [Performance] CEF Elemente stocken / hängen nach (Hardy)
0000640: [Stability] Crash after ca. 1min joining Server [Alternate-Life] (DurtyFree)
0000641: [Stability] Crash after ca. 30min driving Tripper on [Alternate-Life] (DurtyFree)
0000644: [Stability] [0.1.6] Generating HWID makes the Client crash (DurtyFree)
0000632: [Stability] Freeze and crash logs from various and random situations (DurtyFree)
0000763: [Stability] Packet send (DurtyFree)
0000638: [Stability] .net Error (DurtyFree)
0000611: [API] Crash in Charackter select (DurtyFree)
0000791: [Stability] Client gets disconnected from server (time out) (DurtyFree)
0000803: [Stability] [Proj5] Client Crash (Crashes random over Time) (DurtyFree)
0000793: [Stability] Crash bei einfahrt in die Stadt (DurtyFree)
0000792: [Stability] SHVDN Crash (DurtyFree)
0000768: [Stability] GT_MP Client Crash on change Weather (root)
0000769: [Stability] GTMP-Crash when enabling Snow (root)
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0000838: [API] Nuget package for upcoming server update (Hardy)
0000200: [API] API for "OnPlayerWeaponShot" (Hardy)
0000392: [API] API.setEntityTransparency doesn't always work (root)
0000695: [Synchronization] Blip Route wird nach Position neu Setzung nicht neu berechnet (root)
0000440: [API] SetVehicleTyreSmokeColor and GetVehicleTyreSmokeColor don't work properly. (DurtyFree)
0000715: [API] Whitelist timecycle modifiers or add an API for it (DurtyFree)
0000745: [API] Impossible to use Vehicle as key of Dictionary and List (root)
0000759: [Performance] Server fps fixed to 60 when async mode set (root)
0000764: [Performance] Clients trying to connect get server get 'net error' (root)
0000778: [API] TryGetLocalizedGameText throws exception if key is not found (DurtyFree)
0000781: [API] [0.1.7] Blip Error on Clientside Log (DurtyFree)
0000789: [API] [0.1.7] SetEntitySyncedData blocks in OnChatCommand and OnChatMessage (Hardy)
0000777: [API] API.onLocalPlayerDamaged is not getting called (DurtyFree)
0000813: [API] AngleBetween for ServerSide scripting? (DurtyFree)
0000834: [API] getVehicleMaxOccupants returns a float (DurtyFree)
0000551: [API] Map is not properly working (video in description) (DurtyFree)
0000840: [API] [0.1.7] API.setWeather doesn't work with parameter 0 (DurtyFree)
0000852: [API] getPlayersInRadiusOfPlayer throws a NullReferenceException when some players are connecting/downloading (DurtyFree)
0000657: [API] Add information about receiving damage (DurtyFree)
0000705: [API] API.getVehicleDimensions returns wrong dimensions (DurtyFree)
0000706: [API] OnPlayerDamage server side (DurtyFree)
0000839: [API] AUDIO::PLAY_SOUND_FROM_ENTITY wrapper (DurtyFree)
0000828: [API] Weapons sometimes stay in the client.weapons array after client.removeAllWeapons() (root)
0000783: [API] [0.1.7] getResourceFolder returns nothing (root)
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Released 2017-11-30
0000713: [API] Server crash in API.deleteEntity (root)
0000680: [API] getUserInput does not disable input keys (root)
0000665: [API] Add API function to regenerate client-file hashes (root)
0000502: [API] Add action results to API.givePlayerWeapon and API.removePlayerWeapon (root)
0000470: [Synchronization] Server Fehlermeldung PedPureSync (DurtyFree)
0000469: [API] Elegy not Defined in vehicleData (root)
0000478: [API] API.popVehicleTyre does not work right (DurtyFree)
0000273: [Synchronization] Vehicle dimension are broken (root)
0000345: [Synchronization] Vehicles desynced when teleported player. (root)
0000355: [Synchronization] Unoccupied vehicle siren sync (root)
0000439: [API] For client side somting like API.getcharfromkey(Key key, bool shift, bool altgr) (root)
0000420: [API] Objekte wechseln ihre "Identität"? (DurtyFree)
0000322: [Stability] Server runs out of memory after approx 2 days of running. [Colshapes related] (DurtyFree)
0000404: [API] Dem Benutzer die Möglichkeit geben, "<" oder ">" im Chat zu schreiben und Änderungen bei "^^" (root)
0000284: [API] Add onPlayerChangeSeat (DurtyFree)
0000391: [Stability] Unbekannter Fehler blockt Spieler-Disconnect-Erkennung (DurtyFree)
0000260: [API] ColShape.getAllEntities() cannot be used immediately after creating a colshape. (DurtyFree)
0000384: [API] Add a way to hide chat when inactive, and to disable map radar only. (root)
0000352: [API] possibility to move the "GT-MP.net" info at the top to somewhere else (DurtyFree)
0000213: [Synchronization] Player stay in game after diconnect (DurtyFree)
0000175: [API] Teamdamage for "SetPlayerTeam" bugged (DurtyFree)
0000321: [API] Unlock playing external links in API.playMusic (DurtyFree)
0000376: [API] Native Request (DurtyFree)
0000390: [API] ColShape: Entites deleted with API.deleteEntity are nor removed from ColShape (DurtyFree)
0000383: [API] API.getVehicleMaxOccupants & player.vehicle.maxOccupants, wrong numbers (root)
0000375: [API] Mehrere Blips mit setBlipName (root)
0000308: [Synchronization] server doesn't sync weapon ammo (root)
0000311: [Synchronization] when a weapon is out of ammo and swapped quickly to other weapon actually the weapon will still have 1 or 2 ammo (root)
0000295: [API] warpPlayerOutofVehicle problem (root)
0000283: [API] API.getVehicleController / Driver (root)
0000338: [Stability] 18:15:54.628 | Warn | GameServer | Network warning: Socket threw exception; would block - send buffer full? Increase in NetPeer (root)
0000248: [API] Invalid acl.xml or settings.xml causes server crash (root)
0000361: [API] Request: API.stopServer() (root)
0000207: [API] getWeaponAmmo always returns 0 (root)
0000358: [API] onResourceStop not fired before resource stopped (root)
0000339: [API] Event when MoveEntityPosition/MoveEntityRotation is finished (root)
0000309: [API] removing a weapon remove the ammo too (root)
0000190: [API] API.delay(...) doesnt work as API.shared.delay(...) (root)
0000191: [Synchronization] vehicle lights (DurtyFree)
0000243: [API] Some Natives are not working or need implementation on the API (DurtyFree)
0000277: [API] Native START_ALARM, STOP_ALARM Wrapper Request (DurtyFree)
0000274: [API] Add and Remove IPL api wrapper for clientside (DurtyFree)
0000320: [API] API wrapper for GET_MOD_TEXT_LABEL (DurtyFree)
0000306: [API] _SET_CLOUD_HAT_TRANSITION (DurtyFree)
0000319: [API] Please Add playPlayerScenario with playEnterAnim param (DurtyFree)
0000318: [API] Clipset Natives (DurtyFree)
0000314: [API] Wrong VehicleHash for ZType (DurtyFree)
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